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Do I need anything else other than a surf board?

Nope! There’s no other equipment involved. You just need to wear something comfortable which doesn’t restrict your movement.

Do I need to be physically fit?

This is mostly an ‘Yes’. Surfing can be physically very challenging and exhausting. You will need to paddle up and down multiple times. But with training you will be able to build up your fitness and paddling skills

What's are the best seasons?

There are no specific best seasons, since the country is good for surfing all year around. Between November and April, the west coast receives morning offshore winds, which produce some ultra-clean waves. This is also the dry season in Sri Lanka, with low chances of precipitation and plenty of sunshine. Between May and October, the east coast gets constant swell, especially around Arugam Bay. Traveling during these months will keep you dry and away from the monsoon season, while at the same time guaranteeing consistent surfing conditions.

How safe is Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a pretty much safe country and the locals are very friendly towards foreigners. Nevertheless, you need to be careful of your belongings and keep in your senses to avoid as in traveling any other country.

Are there any harmful fish or things I should worry in the water?

The most common issue are sea urchins and getting pricked by one will be quite poisonous and painful. Please make sure to ask from any local surfers which spots you should avoid before surfing at an unknown surf point. Otherwise any other cases of harmful fish are very rare.

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