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surf in sri lanka

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surf in sri lanka

We are a bunch of Sri Lankans who are passionate about surfing and want to create awareness about it. For a long time surfing scene in Sri Lankan has been more popular among foreign nationals and than with locals. It has been viewed as a sport which is difficult to master or that there are many prerequisites before you start surfing. 


We want to break that mindset and show everyone how easy it is to start learning surfing and how accessible it is to us due to our country being an island! Sri Lanka is a country where there are many surf points throughout the year. 


Also we want to show all this information to tourists and locals alike, so everyone can see all the details related to surfing in Sri Lanka in one central location. 


We provide all the details about surfing in Sri Lanka ranging from where and from whom you can rent a board, finding the best surf spot and getting that perfect lesson to master your skills!


Await for more features…we are always making this website bigger and better!

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    surf in sri lanka

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