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weligama surfing


Weligama has good waves all year round and is another favourite for beginners and intermediate surfers. The main beach has a row of surfing schools with plenty of boards for rent, but it does sometimes suffer from pollution. The waves are usually easy to learn on and can get a bit bigger for intermediate level surfers. When you’re feeling steady, try Midigama, with three great points.


Literally translating to ‘Sandy Village’, Weligama was destined to be on our list of where to surf in Sri Lanka. It’s arguably the best place for beginner surfers in the country. This energetic town is a lot of fun to spend some time in while you surf to your heart’s content. The main beach has its own surf break, while other little beaches along the bay provide their own waves, which you can pick according to your skill level. Conditions are best here between October and April (spotting a theme?) and this part of Sri Lanka gets some 330 days of sunshine a year. All you’ll need is board shorts, a rash guard and lots of sun screen.

Literally translating to ‘Sandy Village’, Weligama was destined to be on our list of where to surf in Sri Lanka. It’s arguably the best place for beginner surfers in the country.

Town: Weligama, the name translates to ‘Sandy Village’


Where: Matara District, Southern Sri Lanka


The Area: Energetic blend of locals and tourists make for a fun holiday environment whilst still holding onto its peaceful charm and history. Watch the famous stilt fisherman go about their business whilst sipping on a mango lassi in between surf sessions


Beach: 2km sandy beach that mixes local heritage with tourism perfectly and is unrivaled in beauty. The famous Taprobane Island lies just off the sand at Weligama and is steeped in history


Type: Left and right beach break peaks that offer mellow rides that make this one of, if not, the best beginner surf spot Sri Lanka has.


Best Time: October to April


Weather: The southern part of Sri Lanka boasts an incredible 330 days of sunshine a year with temperatures ranging from lows of 22ºC during the night to highs of 33ºC during the day. The sea water fluctuates between 27 – 29ºC year round, making board shorts, UV rash guard and plenty of sunscreen the go-to attire for your Sri Lanka surf trip 

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Beach Breaks

BeginnerBeginners have oodles to get stuck into in Weligama. A beach break that sits in a huge bay with shelter on both sides, it’s probably the perfect place to learn to surf in Sri Lanka. A tuk-tuk of about 15-20 mins can whisk you here from the Ahangama surf hostels. The main spot is the middle of the bay by the Marriot hotel. There, waves are punchy but also mushy and perfect for practice. Some days see bigger sets coming out back if you want something larger, but the secondary swell is a fun kook fest. A word of warning: It gets super busy.
Fisherman's Reef

IntermediateLocated on the outer northern point of the Weligama bay is a right hand reef break which is a 10 minutes paddle from the shore. This only comes to life on a medium to large swell has many different makeable sections. This break is rather unexplored as it is not known to many tourists.
Jungle Beach
Beginner / IntermediateTucked away just past Weligama Bay is Jungle Beach, a beautifully secluded beach offering a long left reef break. Perfect for beginners on smaller days and great for all styles of surfing.
Taprobane Island
BeginnerWith a postcard backdrop, this small island is home to the famous historical villa “Taprobane”. There can be super clean waves either side of it. On smaller days, beginners can experience their first perfect green wall. With a larger swell, it delivers fun lefts & rights.
Weligama surfing
Weligama surfing
Weligama surfing
Weligama surfing
Weligama surfing


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