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midigama surfing


Midigama is now the main spot for surf, with a growing number of distractions including a surf shop that turns into a full all night Euro-rave on a Wednesday, and a couple of other places following suite. It has four good reef breaks all within walking distance of each other.


The first is Lazy Rights, a very weak, long wave that breaks over a deep reef.  This is perfect for beginners getting their first reef break experience or long boarders.


Next up is Lazy Lefts.  As the name suggests it’s a slow left-hander.  It’s not great on a shortboard unless you’re a goofy footer and can stay close to the pocket like Shaggy here, but it’s great fun on a mini mal or longboard.  You can get easily half a dozen cutbacks on one wave.


Rams Right is a beautiful mini slab that offers a lovely barrel, followed by a nice shoulder to get a turn on. There’s also a left off the same wave, which isn’t as popular but still fun. The right is shallow and quite scary. We usually take riders here when the wind starts to go onshore (around 11 am) as by then, the early morning crowd have usually disappeared.


Plantations and Coconuts: Again, these waves are just down the road and favoured by those looking for something in between Rams and Lazy’s. Both are fun and a great intro to reef-break surfing.

Midigama is now the main spot for surf, with a growing number of distractions!

These two popular breaks at Midigama are as mellow as they sound and, therefore, excellent for beginners and intermediate surfers. However, when big swells kick in, they offer something for advanced riders too.


Lazy Left and Lazy Right sit opposite of each other in the bay at Midigama. Both are gentle point breaks, are longboard friendly, and work best at low tide. The left-hander offers some long rides of up to 500 meters (1,600 ft) on its good days. You will also find some cool kitesurfing conditions in the bay.


There is another right-hand reef break at Midigama that is more suitable for experienced surfers, which goes by the name of Rams. This powerful A-frame wave breaks over a shallow and sharp coral, has a fast take-off, and offers quite a long ride.

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Midigama / Gurubebila

Lazy Right and Lazy Left
Intermediate / AdvancedThe combo of Lazy Left and Lazy Right is what really helps put Midigama surf spots on the map of the Sri Lanka south-west coast. They epitomise what the region is all about: Good, reliable reef breaks that are approachable even for those who’ve only surfed ever on sand in the past.

Of the two, it’s the left that’s the harder one. It offers a pretty steep starting zone followed by a long ride that peter out a little as they move across the beach. Lazy Right suits beginners much more, with long, cruisy rides that break over a really deep reef. Main hazards are rocks and urchins during a paddle out and return, but you could also get clogged up in the crowd when the conditions align.
AdvancedRams is the piece de resistance for advanced riders looking to surf Midigama. By far the hardest wave in the region, it takes its name from the guesthouse that sits – conveniently – just metres from the break. For years, it’s been challenging the local crowd with its quick, fast takeoffs and barrelling sections.

Because it really is that sort of wave – a right-hander with an attitude that kicks up hollow sections over some seriously shallow reef and rock. Watch out for urchins. Respect the people that surf it regularly. Simply don’t even think about paddling out unless you know exactly what you’re doing!
Intermediate / AdvancedA good reef pick for graduating intermediates is Plantations. It sits just two notches along the coast road from Weligama, so is still easy to get to from the surf town by tuk-tuk. Find the main entry point between an opening in the rocks directly by the softly-sloping beachfront right by the Plantation Surf Inn.

Style-wise, Plantations is a lot like Coconuts (see below). It’s a deep reef that rolls off a point. The predominant direction is right, but you’ll catch a couple of lefts. Waves can get mushy, but there’s usually something going, even on low tides.

Because it’s a popular choice with groups of improving surfers out of Weligama, we’d say it’s a good idea to bed down in one of the hotels right by the road and get up early to have the dawn patrols all to yourself.
IntermediateThere’s lots to like about Coconuts. That’s especially true if you’re already a decent intermediate and want to break into the world of reefs. Where else to try your technique on this consistent left-and-righter that rolls over the rocks close to Weligama

The paddle out can be tricky, especially when the tide’s up. You’ll need to navigate a few wonky tidal pools before being able to go flat in the water – or risk scratches. Getting into the line up means tucking neatly into the point that pokes out from the main beach.

That’s where the swells come in. They lip up nicely to offer a long right that runs over the deep reef, along with quite a fast left that’s short by snappy as it shoots towards the rocks. The spot can be nice and quiet because it’s quite well hidden from the main road, but you’ll almost always find a few folk from the nearby Midigama hostel lodges and surf camps in the water.
Midigama surfing
Midigama surfing
Midigama surfing
Midigama surfing
Midigama surfing


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