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hikkaduwa surfing


The surfing capital of Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, Hikkaduwa is a small town in the Galle District. Once just a surfing village, it’s now popular with surfers and partygoers alike – there is always something happening here. 


This is the most developed surf town on the island – there are cafes and bars on the strip, surf schools, and rental shops, while the colorful coral attracts divers and snorkelers.


When asking where to surf in Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa may well be the answer on your fellow traveller’s lips. Located in the southwest of the island it’s one of the best known surf spots in the country, but still keeps its charm. With a palm-fringed shore lined with drink shacks and restaurants, you’ll find little reason to tear yourself away from the sand.


Regardless of the season, the waves at Hikkaduwa rarely go flat. The A-frame break is ideal for beginners, as it breaks over sand-filled reefs. Those looking for bigger waves will not be disappointed either, as the break can handle large swells too

The surfing capital of Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, Hikkaduwa is a small town in the Galle District. This is the most developed surf town on the island

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North Jetty
IntermediateHead to the harbour area of Hikka to find the ever-popular North Jetty. It holds up to overheads with nice long left that punch directly across the shallow reef. There’s a regular crowd here so don’t expect to be surfing alone. On windy days, the wave will get mushy, which makes it a fun little ride across the front of the open shoreline.

AdvancedOne of the go-to spots in Hikkaduwa for the more experienced surfer is Benny’s. It’s named – like so many of the breaks in Sri Lanka – after the guesthouse that stands right next door. Expect a relatively deep coral bottom with a left-hand peeler. The classic point break can hold up on the bigger swells of more than 1.5 metres. Good consistency.
Narigama Beach
Beginner / IntermediateAlso known as Sunbeach (again, after one of the local hotels), Narigama should be your first port of call if you’re looking to ride your first wave. It’s a light, mellow beachfront break with lots of local infrastructure – good rentals, great schools. Expect crowds – and a total kookfest when it’s a little rough, but nothing on par with Weligama.

Intermediate / AdvancedSouth of Hikkaduwa itself but still less than 20 minutes in a tuk-tuk, the point at Owakanda is a great escape from the crowd. Here, the buildings thin out and there are just a handful of lonely little guesthouses facing the sea. But this could be Lanka’s next big thing, thanks to a beach and reef break that are largely suited to beginners. Check it out on good swell days when the Jetty and Benny’s are packed to bursting. Little localism. Hardly any crowds.
Main Reef

Intermediate / AdvancedConsistent but battered by the elements, the Main Reef at Hikkaduwa is an exposed but fun spot with A-frames going both right and left. It’s usually left for the experts, but we can’t see why intermediates looking to step up to the reefs don’t make an appearance. The rocks are deep below and there’s usually good vibes.
Hikkaduwa surfing
Hikkaduwa surfing
Hikkaduwa surfing
Hikkaduwa surfing


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